About us

Introducing DMRC Benevolent Fund

The Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre Benevolent Fund is a volunteer-run charity that provides funding to support holistic, occupational and social integration opportunities for serving military patients at DMRC Stanford Hall, that are not provided by public funding.

As part of patients’ rehabilitation journey, it is essential that, in coming to terms with the impact of their illness or injury, patients regain their confidence in being able to attend social gatherings and engage with day to-day activities that reflect their normal life. The rehabilitation benefits are enormous, providing a much-needed boost of motivation and morale, while also allowing them to forget about their injuries and recovery for a few hours.


The process of allocation of charity funds is monitored by a Committee who, in liaison with DMRC Stanford Hall staff, ensure the equipment and activities are clinically relevant and enhance patient rehabilitation and function.

This Committee, all Trustees and Unit personnel that assist the charity, do so on a voluntary basis. The charity has one employee, who is the Charity Development and Events Manager. To find out more about the DMRC Benevolent Fund Team, please click below.

The voluntary nature of the activities carried out by the Committee, Trustees and Unit personnel means that every penny raised goes directly towards supporting the patients and staff of DMRC Stanford Hall, something we are hugely proud of.

DMRC Benevolent Fund seeks to provide a range of events and opportunities for patients throughout the calendar year to ensure their rehabilitation is supported and enhanced.